This was my main project during EEA-TR 12 an international workshop for art students organized on the island of Cunda, Turkey. When first arriving to the place I was mesmerized by the beautiful landscape. I made it a goal to find a way to show it in a new way using an object to add another layer and step out of the convention of a view.

Since there was beautiful windmills all over the island I somehow wanted to include them and had the idea of putting a videocamera to the tip of a mill wing. When it turned out that it was impossible to get any of the island's mills to work I just started to build my own wind driven, orating structure out of wood and cardboard.

I carried the "mill" up to a hill where there already was one old mill and the remains of one other torn down. I also tried to put the construction on the beach close to our hotel.

While filming I experimented with turning the camera, facing flat outwards, up in the wing direction towards the centre, down out in the wing direction and half out 45°.

There was a lot of work, first building the construction, make the wings so they would really be turned around by the wind, move around the whole thing to find a nice view.

After some days off from the mill I returned the last day of the workshop to clean up and bring it back down just to realize it was gone...

Video documentation:

Construction drawing: