Carolina Sandell: Transformations
28 October – 20 November 2011

Everything changes and changes constantly. Everything floats.
There is nothing permanent except the change.
The river that you just stepped out of is not the same
as the river that you step into the next time.

In her exhibition Carolina Sandell combines animation, installation and works on paper. Everything is in black-and-white and the fluidity is the comprehensive theme. The exhibition also focuses on transformation, deformation and movement. In the installation one can follow step-by-step how the ten broken umbrellas together form a movement, how they distort and lose their form and transform to something that resembles a fleeing flapping creature. In this way the installation can be seen as an animation. On the other hand, the projected animation can be presented as an installation. In the animation the Indian ink spreads out on a wet paper, thus creating abstract patterns, from white to black and black to white in a never-ending loop. The abstract patterns recur in the wash drawings, which in turn depict torn umbrellas. Everything floats into something else and all the works are part of the same process. A mere part of the inspiration for the exhibition comes from observations in Bergen, Norway.

Carolina Sandell (b. 1985 in Jönköping, Sweden) studies at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts with a concentration on site and situation specific art. At present, Sandell works in Bergen, where she works on an animation project together with an Irish artist. Sandell has also been as an exchange student at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts. Before moving to Finland she studied at the Gerleborgsskolan in Sweden.