This is documentation of an installation with sound, light and media images
made in Gallery FAFA, Helsinki 2010 for the group exhibition Manifestations of nationalism in everyday life
that was a part of the Lens Politica festival.

The Fear Factory was built as a black box (one by one meter base and two meters high) that one could enter. In there was a sound loop played from four speakers. In the middle a naked light bulb controlled by the sound, loud sound - bright light. At the walls there was different images copied from newspapers and internet, all of them with the theme of what media tries to project a frightening image at. The sound piece was made by a friend of mine, Janne Sivonen, and consisted of samples from loads of different things, most of them with influence from the media world. The question I was working with was - Who decides what you should be afraid of?

For the same exhibition I also made a comic that was published in a booklet.

Documentation of the installation: