Let me show you something else, bring you under the surface, turn your world around and make a wish was a two channel video installation with sound made in a project space at Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, where I spent one semester as an exchange student.

In this environmental installation I wanted to explore and play with the perception of space and directions. All the footage used was filmed under water in the canals of Amsterdam with the camera (GoPro hero2) facing different directions and in the editing I tried to combine opposite images and also switch them around, upwards - downward and sideways left - right.

Two projectors was placed in opposite ends of the room with a cylindrical object made of semitransparent fabric hanging in the middle. It was possible to enter in to the cylinder and then be surrounded by the projections of the under water world, in one direction facing upwards towards the surface and in the other down to the bottom for suddenly being flipped around and see the surface as a ceiling or a fish swimming horizontal all the way around.

The sound was all from the recordings with the under water camera.

Here is some documentation from the installation (two different versions):


Double projection on fabric cylinder 

Projection on fabric cylinder 

Double projection on fabric cylinder from underneath 

Double projection on fabric cylinder 

Fabric cylinder in light 

Projection of fish on paper 

Projections on paper 

Projection of water surface on paper