Re-position, 2012
What happens when letting go of the control of the camera like here filming by attaching the camera to different things like a goat, windmill, my foot or a lazy guard dog.
This video is also an experiment with cutting between similarities in the image composition.

Flight, 2012
What does it look like when throwing a camera out to the water while it is filming and then slow it down? This was certainly something I had to find out. This video is made during the EEA-Turkey12 workshop at the island of Cunda.

Footage no. 2, 2012
A video made made during the EEA-Turkey workshop at the island of Cunda.
It is filmed with the GoPro camera attached to my foot.

Untiteled, 2012
A one minute video experiment with a GoPro camera.

Happy feet, 2012
A one minute video made during the EEA-Turkey workshop at the island of Cunda.
Enjoy every day, take in every impression.

Don't feel alone!, 2012
Someone had written "Don't feel alone!" in the elevator where I lived in Amsterdam, I found it kind of comforting.

Ink animation, 2011
A short loop of ink on wet paper, each other time from black to white and then from white to black. The animaion is made to be projected in large scale on a wall, I´ve also tried out to project it at different round objects like umbrellas.
This is the first version of the animation later called Transcendence that was shown in my exhibition Transformations at Galleri Sinne, Helsinki during autumn 2011.

Bybanen Bergen, 2011
Bybanen (the light rail train in Bergen) has a unique short music piece for each stop, like a jingle.
In this piece I've recorded them all and put them after each other.
The footage is images of the stops in the same order.

Portrait of a place, 2009
This stop-motion animation was made for a site specific project at Kalasatama (Fish harbour) in Helsinki. The area was at the time a large constructing site where they had torn down the harbour buildings to make new fancy residental area. I wanted to convey the feeling of moving and change.
The video has no sound because of when I screened it there it worked with the environmental sounds from the traffic and cranes and other machines.

Water, 2009
A video experiment trying to catch the different forms of water.

From a neighbour´s window, 2008
An animation made over 24 hours. I was drawing on the inside of a window while things also were happening outside, day light changing, neighbors' lights switched on and off and so on.
The sound is a recording of my sister playing the guitarr, trying to re-create the sonds of the happenings.
This video is looping three times.

[hernesaari], 2008
A video composition with clips from the area of Hernesaari, Helsinki.

Do you hear what I say, 2008
A short stop-motion animation made with clay about communication.

Kattdikter/Cat Poems, 2007
This sound work is made by my cat and me. The woice is a computer reading texts that my cat wrote when he was just a small kitten walking around on the keyboard, then I added the sound of the same cat purring and mixed it together.

Gedser - Rostock, 2006
Short video made for looping.